The marginal glosses in ms. Saraval of David Qimḥi’s Sefer ha-shorashim

The excellent ms. Saraval of David Qimḥi’s Sefer Ha-Shorashim (Wrocław F 46886 (4), copied in 1301, is particularly interesting because of its marginal glosses that refer either to a Hebrew word within the text or to an Occitan gloss embedded in Radaq’s original text. Those glosses aimed at explaining a Hebrew word and the superglosses glossing an Occitan gloss are accurately vocalized. This makes them precise enough for a linguistic identification. On the base of the phonetic features they display I propose to consider them specimens of an Abruzzese dialect. Although the repartition and shape of Italo-Romance dialects underwent a lot of changes during the time span that elapsed  from the Middle Ages till our days, this dialectal localization is confirmed by the concomitance of dialectal features typical for this specific sub-area on the linguistic map of Italo-Romance dialects. In the present note I would like to focus on a selection of few glosses whose phonetic shape could help identify their origin.

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